About - lazardo art

best. job. ever.

i love painting these baby helmets! i have painted 3000 or so helmets in over 14 years.

i believe a fun and friendly design is an attitude changer. instead of hearing "oh poor baby"  you will have people saying "oh how adorable!" and while baby gets tons of smiles, you get to have a simple convo about what the helmet is for. 

my husband and i are natives of southern california, formally of redondo beach, now living in washington state to be closer to family and 6 hilarious grandkids.

i get helmets shipped to me from all over the US daily. not one lost or damaged

i use all water-based non-toxic kid friendly products. no negative reports of any kind, only happiness and joy :)  i have a very good process so the paint adheres well. your active stunt baby may ding the paint but it will not peel off.

EMAIL: paula@lazardo.com

TEXT: 310 367 9589

FACEBOOK: lazardo art and the art of baby helmet painting

INSTAGRAM: lazardo_art

PINTEREST: paula strawn

PRICING: price depends on the design and how long it takes to paint. pricing starts about $150 but averages between $200-$350. the aviator with a name patch and pilot wings, because so many ask, is $240 (other personalizations extra).

TURNAROUND: if you overnight the helmet and if your design is such that i can paint it by 4:00, i can ship out same day so 2 days off baby. if your design is bigger than that, i ship next morning so 3 days total. sundays and holidays will add time to the shipping.

SHIPPING: we now get a 30% discount through fedex for shipping! my husband mick is the shipping czar and will create your labels for you.

for more information and to set up an appointment, email me paula@lazardo.com!